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How To Teach Kids Manners in a Fun Way 

Manners aren't naturally inherited, they are learned. For kids, it's only normal to make mistakes while interacting with others, but it's also important to use those times as teachable moments for them. Raising caring kids who grow up to be well-mannered can be a challenging task, but you can turn this into a fun and memorable time […]

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How to Encourage Your Child to Play Independently

It's only natural for a child to be clingy and want you in sight all the time. However, you as a parent need to divide your time for many other things and as much as you would want to spend all your moments with your little one, you need to be smarter about time management. […]

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Ways to Strengthen Fine and Gross Motor Development in Young Children

When they're playing, kids can practice their muscle control and coordination of movements, whether big or small. This is why it's important to plan out regular activities that provide them opportunities to move their bodies and strengthen their fine and gross motor development! Here are some ideas as to how you can help them improve these vital […]

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How Many Toys Do Kids Really Need?

Kids love playing with toys so much. They are tools for learning and forming the foundation of different life lessons. With that, toys play an important role in their learning development. But they also use it for entertainment, harnessing necessary skills like creative thinking, critical thinking, and imagination. Oftentimes, ticking these boxes is hard and […]

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Ways to Spend Quality Time with Your Children When Life is Busy!

One of the challenges of parenting is doing several things at the same time. Somehow, once you turn into a parent, you're instantly designated to become a multi-tasker--and while it's often a real challenge, it's fulfilling in the name of the kids. Parents are always busy; that's a given. And while it seems that you […]

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Let them Play! Top Reasons Why Play is Important

There's nothing more joyful than the sound of kids at play. Play is not just for children's entertainment, but it's also an integral part of their learning, development, and wellbeing. Since play is an essential part of every child's childhood, parents should allow their kids ample playtime.And here's why play is important! Play enriches the […]

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What Are the Best Types of Toys?

Toys are a great way to start and support a child’s growth and development. Just like playtimes, choosing the best toy for your child requires knowledge and attention. Toys help a child in many ways - may it be in physical, cognitive, and emotional development. They spark a child’s interest and curiosity that encourage them […]

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The Importance of Free Play for Kids

Your child's playtime should be that one thing in their life that doesn't have a set of restrictive rules. After all, one set of rules that apply to one child may not necessarily be befitting for another--and that's because children are all unique and have different ways of learning, enjoying, and expressing themselves. Let your child enjoy […]

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Independent Parallel vs Cooperative Play

Parents need to understand that there's no one-size-fits-all form of play for children. Every single child is unique and has their own special skills, interests, and pace when it comes to learning and playing. That's why a certain type of play that may work for one child may not necessarily be interesting to another. When […]

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Type of Games and Toys That Can Help With Social Development

It's always so fulfilling when you see your child gaining a new friend. After all, one of the skills you want your children to gain as they grow up is their social development. You want them to be able to relate to their peers and understand the dynamics of interacting with people around them. Now […]

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