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Reasons Why Kids are Happier with Fewer Toys

Kids do not need a bazillion toys to be happy. More is not always better, despite what the culture tells us. In fact, too many toys can actually be detrimental to children’s ability to play. Are you sick of toys taking over your house? And tired of the overwhelming task of cleaning up the toys […]

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How Music & Musical Toys Can Help A Child’s Development

Did you know that the opportunity to play with musical toys before they can even walk or talk can help benefit the developmental growth of your child? Here are some reasons why you must make musical toys a part of your child's play routine.  It speeds up brain development Music appears to accelerate brain development […]

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Great Toys for Special Needs Children

Chosen to help develop skills like fine and gross motor skills, balance, socialization (and more!), toys designed for children with special needs are incredibly fun and functional in meeting a child's specifications. Sensory Toys  Children with special needs are often drawn to items in the environment that have a sensory component. A sensory toy or […]

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Why Sensory Toys are Good for Babies

Sensory play is any activity that activates one or multiple senses, and all kinds of play have the potential to become a sensory activity. There are many toys available to encourage sensory stimulation and development with your baby. Different colors, textures and sounds that are prevalent in your baby's toys will help them to grow […]

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Why having too many toys may actually make your kids more bored

As a grown-up, you know the overwhelm brought by the sheer number of choices you have to make in a day, whether it be at work, at home, and even through the mundane. The same is true for children, especially in the options they have to make at their "work", otherwise known as playtime.  While it seems […]

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Why Renting Toys is the Best Option for Parents

Toys can often represent a major expenditure for parents. From growing out of them to simply losing interest, many toys are destined to only maintain a child’s interest for a matter of months, sometimes even weeks. With renting toys, you're able to constantly introduce different varieties to your child, without fear of overloading your space […]

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Types of Toys that can Boost Toddlers' Attention Span

Improving a child’s attention span is not easy. It requires plenty of practice, hard work, and dealing with underlying conditions which may contribute to why they don't have focus in the first place. There are many ways to address this but we believe that toys have great power to assist with this process! Here are […]

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Is it Better for Kids to Have More or Fewer Toys?

Parents want to give their children everything. After all, how can you resist a cute request of your child having what they desire? But what happens if these cute little requests happen more often? Despite wanting to give your kids everything, one of the greatest gifts you can give is to literally give less...to force […]

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Tips for Choosing Toys for Babies

Play is children’s work, and toys are their tools. Children can best learn reasoning, concentration, and motor, social and language skills from toys. When choosing toys for a child, consider toys that are developmentally appropriate, that build on skills that the child already has, and provide a few challenges. Think this way: What does your […]

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Toys that Enhance Learning and Language

Every child is unique in their approach to speaking. As a parent, you can provide them the most conducive environment to get them started. The process of language development and speech starts and home, and these are some fun ways to educate your child to speak, without it becoming a tasking activity. In other words, […]

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