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Let them Play! Top Reasons Why Play is Important

There's nothing more joyful than the sound of kids at play. Play is not just for children's entertainment, but it's also an integral part of their learning, development, and wellbeing. Since play is an essential part of every child's childhood, parents should allow their kids ample playtime.
And here's why play is important!

Play enriches the imagination 

Without rules and barriers, kids can thrive in a world of possibilities, and think outside the usual standards that rules restrict them. When playing, they can become more creative, resourceful, and have tons of fun with their childhood. 

Play keeps the body active and healthy

Growing kids need constant exercise and movement. Their muscles and bones are developing and need to be constantly moved so they grow the right way. Not only that, staying active will also improve their mental health. 

Play teaches about discipline 

When they have an outlet for their pent-up feelings, children can have more understanding of their emotions and how they can deal with everything they are feeling. They can also become more attentive and concentrate better.

Play allows productivity 

Play involves many activities, and when kids are engaged in such things, they get to develop their focus and other skill sets. Consider play like their work--the more they play, the more they work and become productive about taking in the benefits. 

Play maximizes their childhood to the fullest 

This point in your children's life is a time for them to just be themselves, worry-free, without the hampering of adulthood. Let them make the most of their childhood through fun, unrestricted play! 

What types of play does your child enjoy doing? How much time do they usually spend on playtime? 

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