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Who we are

KIDDOS was founded in Dubai by Norah, Dirk & Xinuo – a family of 3 – and successfully launched in 2019. 
At KIDDOS we want to make kids as happy as they make us. We're committed to selecting high-quality toys to satisfy each individual child's distinct personality and preferences.

Why we are here

We have learned through our parenthood that every child is different and is interested in different things. It's hard to know before you buy a toy whether your child will love it or be totally bored with it. So, instead of trying to guess, wouldn't it be nice if we could enjoy all different kinds of toys, explore them and share them among each other? We're an eco-friendly toys club that will promote your child's sharing, discipline and taking care of toys while enjoying and exploring new toys and skills. It will save you money, space and time while giving you the opportunity to enter this journey together with your little one(s) and spend more quality time with them. 

What we believe in

Toy exchanging is not a new concept; however, we believe it should play a bigger role in our society and the way in which we raise our children. We all want the best for our children, but at the same time we should consider the environmental impact of our choices. We try our best to use mostly wooden toys and those made from recycled plastic to keep our business “green”. We use reusable bags for our packaging. 

Most importantly, while toys are certainly fun, it's your companionship while playing that kids really need! 😀
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