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Frequently Asked Questions


How much is a membership?

The monthly membership fee depends on the number of children and the subscription period. Prices start at AED 80 for 1 child, AED 140 for 2 children and AED 180 for 3 children.

How many toys do I receive every month?

Each bag contains 3 toys per child. If you choose the Deluxe option, each bag will have 5 toys per child.

How can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership any time by sending us a message or by manageing it in your account.

Does the membership renew automatically?

All memberships renew automatically unless cancelled. You can cancel anytime and you will not be charged again. 


Are the toys new?

No, the Toys Club is an eco-friendly toy rental concept. When toys are returned from another family they are professionally cleaned and ready to be sent to other households.

How do you clean the toys?

Our stringent cleaning procedures depend on the material of the toy. We use an eco and child-friendly spray from CleanSmart that kills 99.9% of all germs and bacteria. Click here for more information about this product. UV treatment is used for baby toys and cotton materials. This is the same technique used for disinfection in hospitals.

What kind of toys will you send?

Our specialists choose toys that are age-appropriate and suitable for the development stage of your child. The majority of our toys are wooden. Apart from a few exceptions, our toys don't have batteries. Click here to have a look at some samples.

What if my child is not interested in the toys?

We're available to help you get your child interested in the toys, with useful tips.

Do you charge for broken toys?

The toys in our collection are very durable. In the unfortunate event that your child breaks a toy, you will not be charged. We do charge a replacement fee for toys that are damaged by drawing, water damage or any other damage caused by misuse of the toy.

What happens if I lose a part or a toy?

For lost parts, we charge a small replacement fee, which typically ranges AED 5–40. Along with the toys, you will receive a parts list with all the replacement values.

Which brands of toys do you have?

We only source toys from manufacturers that conform to the highest safety standards: PlanToys, Grimm's, Hape, Waytoplay, Melissa & Doug, MOLUK, Fat Brain Toys, Green Toys, The Manhattan Toy Company, Twickto, Le Toy Van, Scratch, SmartMax and SmartGames.


Do you offer refunds?

Once a membership has renewed we are unable to process any refunds. However, we do offer the option to exchange any unused months for store credit on www.kiddos.ae to buy new toys. If you're going on holiday, we'll pause your membership and save the unused months.

Is the payment monthly?

Every month we'll pick up and deliver a new bag of toys. For the payment, you have the option to pay monthly or prepay for 3 or 12 months and save on the membership fee. All memberships renew automatically unless cancelled.


Is there a delivery fee?

No; we offer free delivery. 

When can I expect my first delivery?

For Dubai and Sharjah, we usually offer next day delivery if there's enough time to select and prepare the toys. For the other Emirates, we offer two-day delivery.


How can I gift a membership?

Click here to order a gift membership.

How does the gift membership work?

You choose for how many children and for how many months you would like to gift. We'll contact you to discuss the details on receipt of your order. We can deliver the first bag either to you or to the recipient. We can also email you a gift voucher.

Does the gift membership renew automatically?

No, it does not. The gift membership is a one-time payment.
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