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explore a variety of toys every month

A totally customized bag of pre-loved toys for your family – every month 

How KIDDOS Toys Club Works 

Subscribe, starting at AED 90 / month.

Each bag contains 3 or 5 toys per child.

Professionally disinfected!

Safety is our number 1 priority! 

Speedy shipping.

Speedy delivery across  the entire UAE.

Entertainment for a month.  

High quality toys selected specifically for your child.

Return old toys for new toys after a month.

New toys arrive before they get bored. 
Ready to spoil your kiddo with a bag full of toys?!
KIDDOS Toys Club Explained

Professionally Disinfected!

We have strict cleaning and disinfecting procedures; safety and hygiene have always been our number one priority. Please get in touch if you would like to know more about our cleaning procedures. 
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What's Inside

Age-appropriate toys

Every package contains 3 or 5 toys per child, based on the age of your child and your preferences. We have over 1000 different toys in our collection, suitable for children from 0 months up to 6 years.
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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the Toys Club?

The Toys Club is an innovative toys rental concept to reduce the number of toys wasted and to save money on buying toys. Each month you will receive age-appropriate toys for your kiddo(s). After 4 weeks we'll pick up the old toys and deliver a new bag of toys at the same time. 

Can you show me some samples of your toys?

Each package is specifically selected for the age of your kiddo(s). You can see some samples of the toys here or on our Instagram page.

How much is a membership?

Monthly membership prices start at AED 90 for 1 child, AED 130 for 2 children and AED 180 for 3 children. Click here to choose the membership that is right for your family or check out our pricing page

What happens if a toy breaks or gets lost?

We understand kids are kids and toys sometimes do break. We therefore do not charge for broken toys (during normal play). For lost toys or parts, we do charge a small replacement fee. Along with the toys, you will receive a parts list with the number of parts and the replacement fee per part.

Do I have to give the toys back?

Yes, but the good news is that you'll receive a new bag of toys at the same time, so you don't have to store them all. However, if your child is very attached to a toy, you can keep it for another month or buy it from us at a discount. 

Can I choose the toys?

Our concept is that we choose the toys based on your child's age and preferences. This saves you a ton of time in researching toys. However, if you do have requests for toys, you can always send us a message and we'll include them in your next package.
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