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Ways to Strengthen Fine and Gross Motor Development in Young Children

When they're playing, kids can practice their muscle control and coordination of movements, whether big or small. This is why it's important to plan out regular activities that provide them opportunities to move their bodies and strengthen their fine and gross motor development! Here are some ideas as to how you can help them improve these vital areas of growth! 

Gross motor skills vs. Fine motor skills 

Before we list some activities you can do for muscle development, let's first identify the difference between the two motor skill sets. Gross motor skills involve control of the arms, legs, head, and trunk, while fine motor skills focus on the careful control of small muscles in the hands, feet, fingers, and toes. 
Now let's go and take a look at some quick, easy, and effective activities that are divided into these two motor skill sets! 

Gross motor skills activities 

To key to an effective gross motor skill activity is that it should involve jumping, skipping, hopping, and any other similar actions. Entice the kids to move by setting up a trampoline in a safe, open space somewhere at home. You can also draw some squares on the backyard pavement for the kids to play hopscotch. Also, kids will definitely get excited when they're gifted their very first tricycle, scooter, or bicycle. 

Can't find space outside? You can simply create an obstacle course using your household furniture! Just make sure it's completely safe for the kids to play around with!  

Do you have the budget for sending your kids to martial arts classes or dance lessons? If you think these are activities they will enjoy, then go ahead and sign them up! These activities are always worth it for their development. Who knows, they may even find their passion early in life while being in one of these classes! 

Fine motor skills activities 

Tactile play with good old favorite materials like play-dough is a great way for kids to experiment and build fine motor skills. Piecing together puzzles is also great--engage with and encourage your child to complete easy puzzles at first and then progressively try harder ones. Aside from that, you can also encourage your child to draw and paint. This helps improve not only their fine motor skills, but also hone their creativity and imagination too. 

Kid-friendly tongs, tweezers, and scissors are also great materials to use. With tongs or tweezers, your child can practice picking up some small objects like grapes, pasta, buttons, or coins, transferring each piece from one bowl to another. For scissors, you can draw shapes for your child to cut around. You can even use easy-to-cut materials like play-dough. How about during bath time? You can also use this time for your child to improve their muscles. You can prepare cups for your child to fill and pour out, as well as sponges or squeaky rubber toys to squeeze! 

What fine and gross motor development activities do your kids enjoy doing the most? 

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