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How Many Toys Do Kids Really Need?

Kids love playing with toys so much. They are tools for learning and forming the foundation of different life lessons. With that, toys play an important role in their learning development. But they also use it for entertainment, harnessing necessary skills like creative thinking, critical thinking, and imagination. Oftentimes, ticking these boxes is hard and results in parents buying a lot of toys with different kinds that agree with the list. Will the number of toys matter? This is one of the reasons why parents should be attentive and observant about which kind of toys are more suitable for their child and which toy the kid prefers. It's a very tricky job, and parents often end up asking themselves, how many toys do kids really need? But before that, we give you the kinds of toys a kid needs and why they need them?

Toys that foster imagination

Kids need things that foster their creative thinking, where they can form ideas, and create things. 

Toys that foster critical thinking

Kids need things that challenge their mental process, where they can formulate ideas, logic, and simple decision-making like building houses, designing cars, taking dolls on adventures, or serving food.

Toys that foster entertainment and role-playing

Kids need things that expose them to early life simulation and help them learn life lessons at an early age.

Toys that foster teamwork

Kids need things that help them interact and learn how to socialize better.

 If you think deeply about it, they don’t need much. They don’t need a lot of toys. Some parents buy one of each kind in every category to meet all the kids' needs for stimulation and we all know that continual purchasing leads to clutter because they don’t use them all at once and in time, they lose interest along the way. The results are clutter and a waste of money. It’s not that cutting off toys is the solution to this. And more parents that have this kind of particular problem have become wiser in solving this, they switched to rental toys. Renting toys, not only because it lessens clutter at home and spending less money on toys but also teaches kids to be resourceful. Wiser parents now focus on quality rather than just quantity. 

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