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Ways to Spend Quality Time with Your Children When Life is Busy!

One of the challenges of parenting is doing several things at the same time. Somehow, once you turn into a parent, you're instantly designated to become a multi-tasker--and while it's often a real challenge, it's fulfilling in the name of the kids. Parents are always busy; that's a given. And while it seems that you don't have all the time in the world, it's still important to find that balance and spend some ample moments with your kids. How can you do that? We've listed some tips to help! 

Be around during bedtime 

One's childhood is often filled with memories of bedtime, so it's important to be there for them during those moments. You can help them get ready for bed and then read to them before they sleep. This chance allows you to cuddle, talk, and bond, and can also be your time to wind down from a long day. When they're fast asleep, you can then proceed to finish your tasks. 

Make conversations in the car 

Those mornings when you drop them off at school are precious times to catch up with them and get to know them better. Turn off the radio, ask them to put away their gadgets, and just talk and have fun. Take it also as a warm-up to have an energetic day ahead. Just make sure to keep your eyes on the road, of course! 

Watch a movie on weekends 

Watching movies together is a fuss-free way to bond, learn together, make conversations, and more. You can start a tradition of watching at least one movie on weekends so every member has that activity to look forward to throughout the week. You can make it extra special by taking turns choosing a movie or discussing your takeaways after the show. Don't forget to whip up some yummy snacks! 

Bond over breakfast or dinner 

Mornings are often rush-filled but every once in a while when you get the time to wake up extra early, you can prepare something special (perhaps your child's favorite hearty breakfast meal) and grab that chance to talk to them while they enjoy their meal. Dinners are also great to gather all the members of the family, eat, and catch up. 

Join their playtime 

Be there for the moments when they are learning and enjoying the most of their childhood--which means you have to be around during their playtime. Encourage how they play or act like their peer when they're engaged in an activity. When they know that you're someone fun to be around, they'll cherish their moments with you even more. 

What's your most effective way to bond with your kids even when it feels like you don't have enough time?

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