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Type of Games and Toys That Can Help With Social Development

It's always so fulfilling when you see your child gaining a new friend. After all, one of the skills you want your children to gain as they grow up is their social development. You want them to be able to relate to their peers and understand the dynamics of interacting with people around them. Now you can further allow your child to hone their friendships and relationships through these games and toys!

Sports-based games

Sports-based toys are always a crowd favorite involving many players that interact and work together for a common goal of following the game mechanics and winning. If you're thinking of teaching your child and their peers a new game, look for one that's unique and interesting. Perhaps a game of Croquet? It's a game that's easy to follow and do, and it also helps develop your child's fine motor skills!

"Loose Parts" toys

"Loose parts" toys refer to small materials such as blocks, sticks, and other sensory materials. These can work as open-ended toys that naturally stimulate your child's way of engaging their imagination and using the power of unstructured creative thinking. When your child plays with these kinds of toys with a peer, the possibilities for social interaction are also limitless!

People of the community small figures

Toys that recreate communities can give your child the chance to process what they observe in real life, and apply them to their small games. In playing, they can understand the importance of visiting a doctor for a check-up, or the role of a police officer in traffic safety, or buying bread from the local baker. As they play, they may also discover what they want to be when they grow up!

Hand puppets

Now your child can take the center stage performing a hand puppet show for everyone to see. Build their confidence in being around people and develop their vocabulary, with these cute hand puppets. Take it a step further by dressing them up in costumes and kid-friendly makeup. You can also decorate the stage with fun art and cool lighting for a full production! Now go and invite family and friends to watch!

Which of the listed games are you most interested to try for your child?

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