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Why You Should Rent Toys Rather Than Buy

Kids are bored with the same old toys but you don't want to splurge on toys they're going to be done with in a matter of time. You don't have time to pick toys that can benefit your child. Or maybe, you're just done with the clutter in the playroom (and everywhere else inside the house). Parents all encounter toy-related problems, one way or another. And we might have a bit of a solution for that: toy renting! Here's why you should try renting toys instead of buying them! 

Bought toys are usually outgrown 

One moment they can't separate themselves from a certain toy, the next moment, they've easily moved on to another. It's perfectly normal for kids to lose interest in a toy, no matter how much they seem to like it. Kids outgrow toys easily, so buying some to take permanence in your house isn't all too practical. On the other hand, when renting, your child can enjoy the toys for a moment in time, and once they're through playing, you can return the toys for a replacement they can enjoy next. Isn't that a win-win for everyone? 

Less toys means less clutter at home 

Every parent knows that most of the clutter at home is usually the kids' toys. Why do we keep tolerating this? Is this because we think that more toys can make them happy? Actually, not so. Studies continue to show that they develop more concentration, learn new skills and values, and actually enjoy toys better when they have limited options. So don't think that by restricting the toys they have, you're not giving them the happiness they deserve. A more organized house is what they truly need! 

Help save the environment 

You're one less consumer buying into the idea of toys that are mass-produced in questionable, unsustainable ways. Imagine if every parent did the same thing--we're all going to make an impact in preserving the one planet that we have. That said, make sure that you're renting from a place that features toys that are created with sustainable materials by brands that actually do care about the environment. 

Renting is way more affordable 

For little pieces, toys are insanely expensive these days. You should know, for sure--and the struggle to buy them many toys to keep them entertained longer can get really frustrating. When you're renting, you only pay a certain amount for multiple toys each month! Renting options can go as low as AED 80 for 1 child! Don't you think that's such a great deal? 

Are you considering toy renting? What are you looking for in a toy renting service? 

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