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Why You Should Avoid Having Too Many Toys at Home

Toys help children, especially toddlers, to learn something new and discover their skills. But as much as the positive impact of toys on a child’s development, there is a downside in having “too many” toys. At times, parents are responsible for this. If you’re thinking of buying another set of toys to keep your child busy, then think again.

According to child behavior experts, too many toys can affect the concentration and focus of a child. Having too many toys in their spaces can be overwhelming and impact their ability to learn and play creatively. Children with too many toys get distracted easily and cannot enjoy a quality playtime. A study led by the researcher at the University of Toledo, Ohio found that children with fewer toys are actually far more creative and develop their ability to think of other ways to play with the toys they have, expanding and using their imagination for a more enjoyable playtime.

There are also other reasons as to why there are downsides of children having too many toys:

Too many toys can result in boredom.

When children know that they have so many toys to choose from, playing with one toy for a long time can easily get boring - resulting in children always asking for something new.

It can spoil them and have less care for their toys.

Having fewer but special toys can teach your child how to value something they own. It will also help them understand the concept of “having enough” and being satisfied.

Too many toys means less space in your home.

Toys take up space - organizing and decluttering them can be a tedious task. It's better to give your child more space to play and be more active.

Most parents buy too many toys because of pressure and by thinking that it's the only way to satisfy their child and make them happy. The truth is, you can break this trend and become a smarter parent to help in the overall development of your child. 

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