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Why having too many toys may actually make your kids more bored

As a grown-up, you know the overwhelm brought by the sheer number of choices you have to make in a day, whether it be at work, at home, and even through the mundane. The same is true for children, especially in the options they have to make at their "work", otherwise known as playtime. 

While it seems enticing to them at first, too much toys will only leave children unoccupied and bored more than ever. Quite consequently, having a limited amount of stuff to play with will get them more engaged and busy for longer periods of time. 

Bored with having too many toys? It sounds like a paradox, but we're here to lay out the reasons why it's better to be more selective and minimalistic with the toys that your kids play with. 

It curbs their creativity 

Getting too many toys for kids can curb their creativity and imagination skills as they will not experiment with everyday random stuff within their eyesight to create their own playthings. They are able to be more creative and flex their imaginations when given fewer toy choices. Studies back up Einstein’s claim that “the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”  When their creativity isn't unleashed to its fullest potential, they will become less inspired to do things and in turn will make them bored. 

It doesn't inspire mindfulness

Setting up a less cluttered environment for playing is great preparation for mindfulness practices for your kids. There’s more mindfulness connected with this type of play and less mental fatigue, which helps create a more nurturing, calm learning experience.

It makes them complacent 

Boredom comes easily for kids with too many toys because they know they will get something new when they ask for it. Toys may turn into an addiction to fight boredom and stress. They may grow up and show the same traits.

It hinders their social skills 

Kids with fewer toys have better social capabilities as they grow up because they have more time to converse and communicate with friends and family. When their social skills are developed, they have fewer chances of relying on toys to occupy their time.

Have you noticed your kids' frequent boredom despite having too many toys? Maybe it's time to clear out the clutter and make a change in their environment!

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