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Why Choose Sustainable Toys?

We always want what's best for our kids. Their daily needs are our priority. We also think often about their security and their future. But as we look ahead, what kind of world do you think is waiting for them? With environmental issues still continuing to shake the world, it's time for us parents to step up and make our mark to help, and this starts with our everyday choices. 

As a smart, modern parent, you're already informed and educated about the benefits of sustainable basic needs like food, personal care products, or clothing. You can continue leveling up your smart parenting game by applying the same philosophy when it comes to choosing your kids' toys. Yes, that's right. Even the toys they play with can affect the kind of future that's waiting for them.

That's because most toy manufacturers create their products in questionable ways that end up harming the environment. The raw materials that they use, plus the amount of energy they consume in creating their products en masse, among other things, are capital-driven, and end up compromising the community and the environment. Sadly, most consumers continue to be unaware of these practices. 

The good news is that we do have many great alternatives to these popular brands. There is a rise of hip brands that are genuinely built on the philosophy of caring for the Earth and all its living things. Their toys are made from sustainable materials, most of which are handmade in small batches. They even have smart initiatives that help make the world a better place for the future generation--aka our kids. Wouldn't it be great to support these kinds of brands? 
We're always excited to share that our partners here at KIDDOS Toys Club are all such brands. We've made it our goal to learn their practices and initiatives so that we can also be a platform for them to reach out to you and your kids. It would be great if you can truly experience the uniqueness and benefits of sustainable toys, and make them a permanent of your child's growing-up years! 

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