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Ways to Tame Your Kids' Clutter

Oh, the toy clutter. When it's present, you know the kids are around.  And at some point, we've just started normalizing it. It shouldn't have to be. Keep the toy clutter at bay and achieve a more organized home and check out these tips! 

Train them to be more organized and clean after themselves 

Playing has a lot of aspects involved that are important for a child's growth development. This includes the shaping of their character. To raise them to become organized, responsible and neat as they grow older, use their playtime as an avenue for training. Make the message loud and clear: that it's not every day that someone can clean up after their mess. Teach them the rule of always putting back things to where they belong after they are done playing. Make sure that the storage spaces for their toys are easily accessible for them. 

Make a rule that toys shouldn't be allowed in certain rooms and areas of the house

Be firm about this. Finding pieces of toy action figures by the skink or a huge toy truck by the laundry certainly signal more work for you, so to make your days easier, be clear with your kids about the rule of having their toys only in their playroom, or their designated space. Once their toys are found where deemed off-limits, you can negotiate on a task they need to do. 

Have a toy rotation 

Don't take out ALL the toys all at once. You can do rounds for them instead--just have a couple of batches readily accessible for playing while other batches can be organized in your storage room. Once they're bored with the toys they currently have access to, you can take out a new batch and exchange it with the previous. This way, it's less cluttered and your kids are never tired of playing with the same things over and over again. 

Limit the new toys without depriving them of their interests

Having new toys ever so often but no toys being disposed...of course the clutter is going to pile up. As a parent, we know that the new toys do keep coming because you don't exactly want to deprive them of their wants either. They want a certain toy...you are naturally going to give in. So how do we resolve this? Well, welcome to the club. The KIDDOS Toys Club. As a member, your child can receive toys suitable for their age and interest every month! But here's where it gets even better: once they're bored with the toys we send (you know how familiar that scenario is), simply return those toys so we can send them a new batch of toys they can play with. The result? They're always playing with new toys, but the clutter doesn't add up at home! 

Want to know more about the KIDDOS Toys Club membership? Visit our homepage for more details! 

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