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Unique Gift Ideas This Holiday Season

The holiday season is on the horizon and you know what the means: racking your brain for gift ideas for your loved ones and friends. Call it a pleasant pressure--thinking of gifts that they will actually love and find useful. We know that struggle, so we're going to share with you our tried-and-tested ideas. You can thank us later!  

For the love of your life 

We're loving these conversation cards for getting-to-know-you games you can play with your partner. Whatever stage in the relationship you are in at the moment, these cards which usually feature thought-provoking questions, will allow you to get to know the person you love even better. Use it too for ice-breaking activities, long trips, or on random days when you just want to do an activity beyond the usual. 

For your retired mom and dad 

When they reach their golden years, they'll want fewer material things and more meaningful presents from the ones that mean the most to them. Perhaps they'll appreciate a personalized wooden signage bearing the family name. Have it installed in a noticeable area of their childhood house. No matter the theme of the house, this will look good. This will serve as a happy reminder for them of the family heritage and each member of the clan. Who knows, maybe this can be passed down to generations after. 

For friends of all shapes and personalities

No time to pick out a gift for all of your friends? We know you're a busy bee and you have TONS of friends, so we have a one-size-fits-all gift idea for you. Each person has unique preferences but if there's anything we can all agree on after all this time of regulated moments outdoors, it's that we all want to travel soon. Maybe restrictions are easing up where most of your friends are from and they can travel again soon--so give them a travel gift card, which allows them to choose from hundreds of thrilling experiences in more than 100 countries, according to their own passions and interests. These have no expiry dates too, so if in any case, the restrictions haven't gotten better in their area yet, they still have this future travel plan to look forward to. 

For the new parent 

This year has been filled with changes and new beginnings. If you know someone who recently welcomed a new member of the family, give them a hug and understand the challenges that come with parenthood for the first time. While donating diapers and baby formula seem like a practical pick, an even more unique idea is subscribing them and their child to a toy renting service. This way, the little one will always have new toys to play with and your new-parent friend will have fewer worries from their plate (for instance: clutter and spending too much time thinking about which educational toys to buy). This unique idea also works great for your own kids, for obvious reasons! 

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