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Toys that Enhance Learning and Language

Every child is unique in their approach to speaking. As a parent, you can provide them the most conducive environment to get them started. The process of language development and speech starts and home, and these are some fun ways to educate your child to speak, without it becoming a tasking activity. In other words, you can make use of toys to help them find their way around words. Let them learn an important skill while having fun! 

Encourage Social Interaction

Children can develop their talking and language skills by frequent social interactions. Choose toys like a play kitchen or a play house that can encourage social interaction. What might look like simple playing with toys can actually teach them a whole range of skills, from problem solving to sharing, resolving conflict, building imagination and creativity and bonding with other children.

PlanToys - Creative Play House


Toys with batteries usually come with sound features but this is not what you want for your child to start talking. You want your kids to be the one to say the words or make the sounds that the toy is making. For instance, when playing with a car toy, you want your kiddo to honk the horn and say" beeeep!" If a great toy comes with sounds and noises, then just ditch the batteries

Grimms Rainbow Stacking Toy

Open Ended 

Open ended toys are great because they are flexible and can be used in a variety of ways, sparking your child to make use of their creativity and imagination, and encouraging them to make use of their verbal skills. These kinds of toys have no beginning, middle, or end, and can also be used over time, regardless of their age.

Developmentally Appropriate

In some cases, it's not ideal to consider your child's age when thinking of toys to get them. Not every child develops the same way. So instead of the age, look at your child's development level. If they are about to become two years old, but functioning at a 6-9 month old, choose a toy more appropriate for a 6-9 month old. That doesn't mean they're lacking in any way. It just means they need some time to obtain skills and as a parent, it's your role to meet them where they are! 

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What kind of toys are you thinking of getting for your kids? 

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