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Tips for Selecting Toys for Children with Autism

Toys can be a powerful tool for kids on the spectrum to embrace development and make them confident about themselves. In choosing which toys they'll appreciate best, consider these factors. 

Visuals are important 

For a child with autism, visual cues are used when words get in the way. They get a better understanding of how things work, they are able to communicate better. Visuals are attractive to them. Anything that's colorful, bright, and visually stimulating is something that they can enjoy and appreciate. These toys help them get creative and get in touch with their imagination. 

Choose toys that help with sensory development 

Dimpl Digits (Fat Brain Toys) 

The sensory aspect of a child with autism takes longer to develop compared to others their age. With toys that help them develop their sensory skills, they get to learn how to deal with their senses in a harmless and fun way. Examples of such toys are kinetic sand, clay, slime, sand--anything that triggers their sense of sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste. However, when they're playing with these things, make sure they're completely supervised as they might end up putting the substances on their mouth or eyes. 

The simpler, the better

Red Set of Bowls by Grimms

When a toy is too complex or hard to manipulate, it can cause a child to feel overwhelmed and overstimulated. That's why it's great to stick with basic ones: cause and effect toys, open-close toys, button push toys, stacking toys, etc. However, for kids with high-functioning autism, you can level up a bit with board games, card games, and other toys that are uncomplicated but can make them enjoy as their peers do. 

Don't keep them waiting 

Children on the spectrum don't have enough patience to wait for something. It applies to everything, even when they're at play. No matter how seemingly fun it is, if a toy requires to involve a lot of waiting, the child will quickly lose interest and move on to something else. They need something that's instant. 

Keep it minimal 

Gears and Puzzles Deluxe by PlanToys

A child with special needs isn't too hard to please. They don't need to have a lot within their visual range to be happy--in fact, it does the opposite. Having too many toys in their play area can cause disruption for them so try to keep everything minimal. No need to shower them with too much toys, so how about trying a toy subscription service like KIDDOS Toys Club that can send them educational toys fitted for their needs? They can enjoy it for a month and after they're done, return the toys to get a new batch. The result? No clutter in their play area! 

Know more about how toy subscriptions work at our home page! 

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