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Tips for Choosing Toys for Babies

Play is children’s work, and toys are their tools. Children can best learn reasoning, concentration, and motor, social and language skills from toys. When choosing toys for a child, consider toys that are developmentally appropriate, that build on skills that the child already has, and provide a few challenges. Think this way: What does your child enjoy playing right now? Give them the tools—the toys—that will help them do and enjoy it better.

Ready to get started with choosing the best toys?

We've listed down some tips to help you find what your babies and young ones will love. 

Safety is crucial 

It can't be helped--kids will bang, drop, kick, pull, throw, bite, and suck on any toy you give them. To hold up under this kind of treatment, a toy needs to be durable. It is also very likely that kids will chew on their toys at some point, so they should be painted or finished with non-toxic materials. And also to prevent choking, avoid toys that have any parts smaller than two inches in diameter. The toys must easily washable too so that you can keep them relatively clean. 

Another thing is to consider the weight of the toy. Avoid a toy that will hurt your child when they drop it or bang it on surfaces. It's also needless to say that playthings with sharp edges or with strings long enough to wrap around a child's neck are not advisable for use. 

Make sure it's age-appropriate 

An age-appropriate toy encourages or challenges the young ones to use and improve one or more developing skills. A toy that doesn't offer any challenge may bore them. On the other hand, if it's too hard to use, a toy may end them with frustration, and that by the time they develop the skills needed to enjoy a toy they received prematurely, they may have already lost interest in it entirely.

It needs to stimulate the senses 

Toys are tools for fine-tuning skills. If used correctly, a good toy will do something to stimulate a child's senses like touch, sight, sound, or taste, or their developing abilities like hand-eye coordination, gross motor control, fine motor control, etc. 

Find something that you will enjoy playing with too!

Your children enjoy playing with you. It's important to fill their childhood memories with happy moments with you. Also, you’ll learn more about how your child thinks and feels by getting on the floor and playing with them.
What kind of toys are you thinking of giving your young ones? Share your plans with us! 

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