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The Effects of Clutter on Our Children

As adults, we can easily get affected by the clutter around us. It affects our productivity, confidence, concentration, mood, and even our relationships with others in the long run. As the mess literally mess with us, do you think the same is true for kids? What exactly happens when kids are always surrounded by clutter? 

It messes with their concentration 

Why do kids have short attention spans? Of course it's only natural for them to stay still for shorter periods of time compared to adults. But if you notice that your kid rarely ever stays still, it could be a sign that they have not formed an ability to concentrate. Having a more uncluttered, peaceful space--literally a room where they can freely breathe and be more mindful about everything that's going on--will help them develop more concentration. 

It keeps them cranky 

When kids are restless, they use up so much energy and eventually become frustrated with those around them aren't able to keep up. This frustration messes up with their overall mood. Without that positive energy, it's really going to be hard to deal with them. You're left with a crying child and this, obviously, can leave you as a parent feeling frustrated too. 

It affects their outlook on themselves 

A cluttered environment doesn't make anyone feel good. This, too, affects one's perspective on himself or herself. When a child is used to the mess, they might grow up believing that this is what they deserve. A mess. They might feel like they don't need to give themselves more attention for self-care. When this happens, where does their confidence lie? 

It doesn't train them for later years 

You know how some habits and accustomed environments set them up for what kind of person they are going to be in the future? If the place they are used to is always scattered and a mess, they will bring this as their normal when they grow up. They will turn out to be messy adults who are comfortable with clutter. 

We know that parenthood is a tough journey and believe us when we say there's absolutely no judgment here--no one really wants to intentionally leave a cluttered space for their child. Between busy schedules and just circumstances getting out of hand at times, it's really hard not to avoid all the mess that pile up in the house. 

We have a one piece advice, though. Get rid of most of your child's toys! They don't need a lot--just a handful that can keep them entertained for a certain period of time. 

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