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Reasons Why Renting Toys is Beneficial vs. Buying

Lately, in the modern parenting world, toy renting has become a buzzword, and for good reason. Between helping with the clutter at home, helping parents save more time and money, and keeping kids entertained with new toys, this concept has been favored by modern parents because of its benefits. Take a closer look at how renting toys can help you as a parent, so that next time, you don't have to keep buying new toys for your little one! 

Reduce the clutter and waste

It's only natural for a house with kids to be cluttered and chaotic at times. As the parent, you don't have to feel pressured to keep it perfectly tidy at all times. That said, it doesn't mean you can no longer do anything about it. Start by reducing the actual things that come inside the house. For instance, new toys. When you rent toys instead, you avoid the buildup of forgotten and unwanted toys that are turned into clutter at home. And truth be told, the waste and environmental damage it takes to produce typical new toys is very discouraging. Share and reuse toys so you can help preserve the environment! 

Keep the kids entertained and learning 

Kids have the shortest attention span. One minute they're in love with a certain toy, and the next second they already have their eyes on something else. It's cute...but it's also a struggle. Just how many toys do you need to buy to keep them entertained? The answer: don't buy, just rent. Renting toys means you can get new toys (typically each month), keep them excited and constantly looking forward to something new, but at a more affordable and practical way. One more thing, when they're constantly excited over something, they have more motivation to learn from it! 

Save more money and time 

Parents of all people know how costly toys have become in recent years. What's more, after you get past trying to buy a toy--hefty price and all--it only takes a little while before your child moves on to another one, and that costly toy ends up in the dust. On the other hand, when you rent a toy, it's treated as brand new by your child, they can enjoy it for a certain period of time, and when they're no longer interested, you can return it back. No toy is wasted and left in the dark. This, for as low as AED 80/month for 1 child! Also, when you do toy subscriptions, experts will do the selection of toys for you based on your child's age, development, and interests. That saves you so much time and stress picking out toys that your child will not only enjoy but also learn from! 

Do you want to try toy renting? What are you looking forward to experiencing through it for you and your child?

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