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Reasons Why Kids are Happier with Fewer Toys

Kids do not need a bazillion toys to be happy. More is not always better, despite what the culture tells us. In fact, too many toys can actually be detrimental to children’s ability to play. Are you sick of toys taking over your house? And tired of the overwhelming task of cleaning up the toys in your home? How can you make your kids happier during their playtime? Read on to learn why fewer toys are better for your kids!

Fewer toys help children use and develop their imagination

Kids are naturally good at playing and using their imagination. However, having too many toys often distracts them and prevents them from using and developing their creativity and imagination. When children have fewer toys, they find ways to use what they have in more creative ways. Their resourcefulness takes over for them to have their own brand of fun, further developing and growing their creativity and imaginative skills.

Fewer toys allow them to explore the world around them

Kids aren't getting too much outdoor play anymore. Keeping fewer toys in the house will naturally lead them to heading out of the backyard and be more engaged with nature and the great outdoors--searching for acorns, riding their bikes, splashing in puddles and engaging in pretend play outside.

They'll realize that there's more to learning and having fun than what they have in the four corners of their room.

Fewer toys teaches them gratitude and contentment 

When their toys are limited, they will have the ability to value and appreciate more what they have. Toys stop being seen as disposable or replaceable. They learn to become responsible and take better care of their toys because they’re special and the very limited. Certainly,  this is a wonderful quality to take with them into adulthood.

Fewer toys improve their relationship with you 

How many times have you heard parents complain about their kids not talking to them as much they hope they would? That's often because the young ones grew up confined in the material things they have, completely disengaged with the people around them, including you. When they are unpreoccupied with too much toys, they will try to make more conversations with you. 

Fewer toys create a calmer environment for them 

As a parent, you know how hard it is to tackle the mess in the play area. It’s no wonder kids feel overwhelmed and don’t want to clean up their toys. Having fewer toys means there is less to clean up, resulting in a tidier, less chaotic and a happier home for everyone.

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