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Reasons Bedtime Stories are More Important Than You Think

It's a routine that parents all over the world practice with their children almost every night. It's a chance for them to bond, catch up, and get to know each other better in a safe, secluded space during the perfect time of the day--just right before a little child goes off to dreamland. It's such a routine that it's also easy to forget its purpose; why it's being done in the first place. But here's a reminder of why bedtime stories are so important and why you should never skip them for your child's own good. 

It encourages your child's love for reading 

Readers are great learners. They are well versed about many topics, their vocabulary is impressive, they are imaginative, creative, well-rounded about life. A habit of reading really is one of the best foundations for a life of success and fulfillment. So, how do you ever raise a reader? Many times, that love for reading is developed during their bedtime story habits with their parents because reading is associated with comfort and happiness.

It trains them to be more empathizing

When they relate to a character, they get to understand the joys, sorrows, fears, and other feelings that the hero goes through. They are able to make sense of why certain things happen, as well as the cause and effects of each circumstance that they encounter in the story. With a deeper understanding of such emotions, they can better empathize with the people around them.

It enhances multi-sensory integration  

Studies show that children who are used to bedtime stories and reading have significantly greater activation of the parietal-temporal-occipital association cortex (the area that processes visual association) in their brain. This greatly benefits in building their brain networks to have the capability to transition from talking to reading. 

It strengthens your relationship with your child 

Connections in the physical sense are very important these days and bedtime stories are a great avenue for you and your child to develop just that. Through the stories that you read together, you can both express yourselves and connect the scenarios with certain connections in real life. When both the parent and child open up, they get to know each other better and their relationship is strengthened with each time. 
Do you often read bedtime stories with your kids? How does this routine affect your child? 

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