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Play Ideas for Children with Special Needs

All children learn in their own way and timing, but we can all agree that one of the most effective ways to do so is through playing. This is especially true for children with special needs, who most often require engagement, stimulation, and movement. Aside from that, preparing play activities for them will make them feel the extra love and will strengthen your relationship further. So take note of these ideas and build some entertaining play activities into your child's routine! 

Sensory integration activities 

Children with special needs need time to process an overwhelming amount of sensory information everyday. As a result, they tend to avoid touch, movement, sounds, and sights. You can help them overcome this by trying some sensory integration play at home such as rolling games, spinning, indoor obstacle course, painting, touch and feel activities, and more! 

Speech and language activities 

For a child with delays in speech development, oral motor exercises are truly helpful and important. These types of play can help them pronounce words better and they can develop their vocabulary along the way too. Some activities you can try for strengthening jaw control and better articulation of words include blowing bubbles and making funny faces. These are great exercises for their facial and mouth muscles. As for developing their language skills, try doing memory games, tongue twisters, sentence strings, and even singing silly songs. 

Scavenger Hunt 

It's always fulfilling when you're able to find items on your hunting list, so this is a fun activity to try with the kids. Not only that, you can also use this activity to tidy up the house (winks!). Come up with a list of hidden objects within the house, then give it to your kids as they set off on a scavenger hunt. For the young ones, you can use guiding pictures for the items, and for older ones, you can make some clues or riddles to make it extra challenging. 

Choose the right kinds of toys for them 

Toys are tools for playing and learning, so when picking some that your child can play with, it's important that the toys are suited for their development. When choosing toys, consider factors such as versatility, adjustability, multi-sensory appeal, safety and durability, and potential for social interaction. Did you know that our experts here at KIDDOS Toys Club can do this for you? It's one of the perks you get when you join the club! Simply indicate your child's development stage, interests, skills, and other relevant information, and you can expect a well-curated batch of toys every month, delivered straight to your address! 

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