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There are so many reasons I cannot stop telling everyone I know of KIDDOS!
1. ECO friendly. No more toys which become abandoned and get stuffed into the closet. No more useless purchases which you get to regret. And the materials are eco-friendly too!
2. Pocket friendly. I've been with KIDDOS for 6 months now and I literally stopped spending money on toys!
3. Service. Just amazing. Every concern gets addressed immediately and to the satisfaction. Dirk and Xinuo are always available and care about each customer.
4. Toys. High quality, best brands, always appealing to the imagination. I'm not a fan of plastic toys with buttons and many distracting features. And KIDDOS team to be following the same philosophy which is precious to me.
5. Fun for the parents as well as kids. Ok, I confess, I wait for each delivery more than anyone else 😃

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