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Keep Kids Busy While You're Working From Home

While working from home can be convenient, it can be also challenging at times. Achieving a healthy work-life balance in a remote work lifestyle isn't really easy. And if you have children to take care of, this can be harder for parents and raise stress levels further as it brings its own set of unique challenges!

It's true that parents experience stress juggling work and familial duties, especially during these trying times. It does get a bit frustrating when you suddenly run out of activities and entertainment options to keep your kids occupied so you can get your work done. For those times, here are some activities and tips to keep your kids busy and happy while you’re working from home.

Schedule your playtime.

According to Adrienne Apell, a toy trend specialist, kids thrive on regularity. Scheduling your playtime will help them stick to it and give you time to be productive, too. Have a designated time to play with your kids and if you can, also plan your activities the night before. 

Have your designated spaces.

It is important that your children have a space of their own where they can be creative while you also allow yourself to work and focus comfortably. It also helps to draw the line between home and work.

Let them be creative or get active.

When a child’s interest or imagination is sparked, they can play in a world of their own for hours on end! Let your kids have fun and amazing playtimes with the convenience of toy rental services. By signing up to KIDDOS Toys Club, your kids can experience playing with various wonderful toys without getting bored because they will get to have new toys every month - just sign up for a subscription that suits you and let them play while you work!

Spend some time outdoors, if you can.

Let your kid play and work out their pent-up energy while you let out some anxiety, too. A good walk outside can be enjoyable for you and your kid.

Find the balance between life and work.

Even if it sounds like more work, the advantage of remote-working is that you are at home with your kids. There are times when you have to adjust and be flexible but there are more things to be grateful for and these activities can help you out!

How do you deal with balancing time for work and family while at home? What activities for kids are proven to be most effective in your experience? 

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