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How to Make Bath Time Fun & Safe for Your Little Ones

Bath time is a necessary part of parenting. Giving a baby their first bath is one of the most nerve-wracking tasks of a parent. Holding a toddler in your hands while making them clean is a daunting task for sure, but the joy of seeing their cute, bubbly faces is a precious thing that every parent cherishes. Even if most kids enjoy bath time and some think it is the worst time of the day, it is a wonderful opportunity for parents and kids to bond with each other. Besides making bath times fun and enjoyable, giving your child a safe and comfortable bath is the most important.

Make bath times safer and more fun with these helpful tips!

Never leave your baby alone.

The first thing to keep your child safe is to provide them with constant supervision. For babies and toddlers, you should keep a hand on them at all times during a bath. Anything can be a drowning risk for your child so make sure that you keep your focus on them all the time. 

Keep the things that you need at an arm's reach.

Shampoos, bath soaps, bath toys - make sure that you have everything that you need before putting your child in the bath. This will also ensure that you always have your child supervised at any point during the bath.

Make sure that you set the right temperature.

The water temperature can be an issue for younger children so, aim for a temperature that is both safe and comfortable. Adjust the temperature until your child feels comfortable with it.

Use fun and safe toys.

Welcome water-friendly toys in the bath! Toys are not only efficient in keeping your baby occupied and entertained (especially when they don't like bath time!), they're also helping your baby multi-task by learning and developing new skills while getting cleaned! Looking for new bath toy ideas?

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Bath times can still be more fun by doing exciting activities with your child such as playing in the tub with them, sharing with them some stories, and making them feel loved and cared for.

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