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How to Deal With Too Many Toys

You get excited over buying the kids some toys that before you know it, there are already piles and piles of toys sitting around every corner in the house. An overload of toys can totally overwhelm the whole household, and the clutter is always left as a big struggle both for parents and kids.

Now the question remains: How do you deal with too many toys? 

Develop a simple organization system 

It's all about storage. You can use a large container or basket where all the toys they usually play with can be kept. Make sure this container is easy to access and open for them, so they can have the opportunity to clean up for themselves. As for other toys, you can install some cubbies or individual bins. These usually provide many spaces for organizing toys, keeping the room the best that it should be. Rotating toys also helps--this means that toys that are never often used can be placed in another location, away from their sight, so that when you take them out, it feels brand new to the kids. 

Cash in or donate toys they no longer want or need 

One's junk can be someone else's treasure. Relinquish old toys by selling them--and then make savings out of the earnings for your children. You can certainly teach them the value of saving money through this experience. Another lesson you can teach out of this is philanthropy and the value of sharing. There are many organizations that are accepting old toys for other kids to enjoy; talk to your kids about how sharing their old toys can make other kids happy. 

Try toy renting 

Once you've started to organize the toys and see the clutter clear up, now it's time to be mindful of the new toys that come inside the house. A smart style that modern parents are getting into these days is toy renting. This is great because for a single price per month, you can have a certain number of quality toys that your child can enjoy. Once they're no longer interested with the toys, you don't need to stock up the toys and end up as yet another clutter at home. Instead, you can return them in exchange of a new set of toys. The kids will never be bored and there will never be piles of unused toys left at home! It works out well for everyone, don't you think? 

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