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How to Choose Safe Toys for Kids

Toys are an important part of kid's childhood. Not only do they keep your kiddos entertained, but they are also designed to help in childhood development. That is why parents should be extra careful when it comes to choosing toys. There had been several toy-related injuries treated in various hospitals around the world. Most of these injuries happen when parents do not give age-appropriate toys to their children.

Most toy manufacturers follow safety guidelines for their products. However, not all do this safety protocols. Thus, it would be best that you make the right decision. Here are some tips on how to choose safe toys for kids.

Check the design and materials.

Avoid pointy toys. When you check the toys, make sure that the materials are made from plush, fabric, or foam. Toys with designs made of spikes, points, or sharp edges are not as safe as those with rounded edges. Small kids might choke with small toys. It is dangerous to have toys with ropes, cords, or long tables.

Opt for age-appropriate materials.

Children at different ages have varying developmental needs. With the current boom of educational toy business, you should be wary and rational when it comes to deciding whether the toy is really meant to be educational. It is true that not all age-appropriate toys can be ‘harmful.’ However, do not believe that some baby toys and kids toys flaunt that their toys can boost the brain development of kids. It is said that the real toys that provide education are not the flashy ones but those toys who have honed creative thinkers for years.

Batteries should be difficult to be removed.

You may find it a hassle when you need to change the batteries. However, you should be grateful that your child will not be able to get the batteries easily. It is a medical emergency if your child swallows a battery.

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