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How Sensory Toys Help Children With Special Needs

Children with special needs see and experience the world in a different way. Because of this, their senses also function a little differently. Sensory toys are meant to activate the senses and this is exactly what a child with special needs should have. Bright and vivid colors that attract attention, textures that stimulate the touch, scents, and sounds that uncover curiosities and learning. 

How do sensory toys help children with special needs?

Let's find out. 

Sensory toys can help them relax 

Some stimulants can cause a child to be overly responsive or hypersensitive. With sensory toys that allow them to vent or express their pent-up emotions and discomfort, they'll be able to relax, calm down and reestablish their focus over a certain event. 

Sensory toys assist in their physical growth 

From lifting to splashing, to throwing and shaping things, sensory play involves a lot of action on their part. This constant movement helps in developing their muscles, as well as their fine motor skills, strength, and coordination.

Sensory toys help develop their social skills

Learning how to negotiate, plan, and most importantly, share, are just some of the great social skills a child can develop and learn while playing with a sensory toy. 

Sensory toys can help reduce anxiety

Playing with sensory toys does not only help special needs kids develop their social skills and gross motor skills, but it can also reduce anxiety and stress. Sensory activities and toys to help children focus and calm. As they play with sensory toys they start to feel confident and calm which reduces anxious habits.

Sensory toys allow them to make sense of their curiosities 

When a child is overwhelmed by their senses, they cannot easily understand the message these senses are providing them. Sensory toys can help them process these messages and give them skills to use those senses for their own benefit. 

What kind of sensory toys does your child enjoy? How do these toys help in their growth and development? 

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