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How Playing with Dolls Benefits Your Children

Playing with dolls has always been a popular activity with kids--there's always some instant connection between a child and a toy they feel close and similar with. Dolls are often turned into constant companions throughout their childhood, a special piece of what forms their character as they grow older.

If your child hasn't discovered the joy of playing with dolls yet, maybe this is the right time to encourage them! 

It encourages their nurturing skills 

Having someone or something they can practice their nurturing skills with is imperative during their early years. A doll, in the form of a human being, allows them to have that real-life-like experience. It's important for them to connect with something or someone they can relate with, in order to have their nurturing skills be placed on full potential. 

It boosts their independence 

Role-playing with a doll involves certain activities that will foster their independence--from feeding, bathing, to dressing. As they continue to do this, it will also inspire them to do such activities for themselves, with minimum to no supervision from an adult. 

It pays attention to their fine motor skills 

When playing with dolls, your child is able to use the muscles in their hands and fingers to pick up, grab, and carry something. Their dexterity and strength are put to good use, all while having fun and learning! 

It develops their language abilities 

The potential for your child to develop their language skills while playing with a doll is immense. Again, because a doll looks like a real-life person, it's easy for your child to imagine doing real-life situations and conversations with it. Catch them making cute, wholesome convos with their dolls! 

Does your child have a favorite doll at the moment? What sort of playtime activities do they like playing with the dolls? 

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