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How Does Toy Clutter Affect Children?

When you're raising kids, it's only normal to have a cluttered house sometimes. We totally understand all that parenthood entails. However, clutter shouldn't be tolerated no matter what. So where do we even begin to clear up the play area? Simple answer: minimize their toys. Less toys means less clutter. Don't give them too much to play with at a time.

How does clutter really affect your child? 

It causes them stress 

Clutter fills up your child's brain with a lot of stimuli, causing their mind to work harder to process everything that they see around them. This causes a distraction from what they are supposed to be doing. When they have too much unaccomplished work, they will get frustrated and feel inadequate. These negative feelings ultimately lead them to be stressed out. Also, an unclean environment hinders them from being able to relax--something they should be doing when they're feeling even a tad bit stressed out. 

It encourages materialism 

Having too much toys all cluttered around in their area of play imposes that belief that your kids can have the power to obtain everything they want. It gives them that false perception that having too much posession is a normal part of life and this outlook might be carried over as they grow older. They might adapt that desire to get too much of every material thing they have their eyes on. 

It blocks their creativity

Art is supposed to be free and messy. Is that really true? Contrary to popular belief, the best environment for a child to have their freedom to create and express themselves through art is in a place that is clutter-free. They are more capable to think and brainstorm when they can feel a sense of clarity in their surroundings. 

It affects their confidence 

Would your child really be proud and willing to have their friends over when their home is a mess? Yes, having too many things to play with might be fun at first but eventually the kids will start complaining about not having space to move around. At the end of the day, they're still kids and they can't be stationary for long periods of time. They need to move. 

Do you agree with these points? Do you agree that minimalism is a great approach to how your kids play? 

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