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How Do Children Learn Through Play?

Children excel best when they are in an environment they feel comfortable in. Playing provides a casual, relaxed space for them to feel completely themselves--and in this kind of setting, they are able to learn new things that are essential for their growth and development. It's only natural for children to want to play--and while in our eyes, these activities might seem pointless, magic actually happens when they're left in this kind of scenario. 
Here are some ways how children can learn new things through play.  

Play can hone their communication skills 

Whether alone or with others, playing allows children to use their communication skills to come up with scenarios or follow the mechanics of how a game is done. As they continue to use communication, it develops and advances their vocabulary and ability to express themselves through verbal ways. 

Play helps develop critical thinking

Strategies and logic are applied when a child is playing. From following a game's concepts and mechanics, solving a challenge, to improvising, the brain works extra hard for a child to have a successful time in going over a game. Quite interestingly, children who have their critical thinking skills honed are also shaped to have better language comprehension and quite possibly, higher IQ than their peers. 

Play inspires creativity and confidence 

For children's play activities, the rules are more unrestricted. When they have this kind of freedom, they are allowed to have more room for their imagination and spark some creativity in the process. The success of adding their own touch to a play activity or when they actually win a game can bring in more confidence in themselves. 

Play improves their motor skills and keeps them active 

The more that they move, the more that their tiny muscles develop. They can become stronger and physically healthy, as they move and stay active. It's also a great form of release for their energy, especially when they have A LOT of it. It avoids frustration and restlessness, and just overall allows them to enjoy the best of their childhood. 
Which kinds of learnings have your children gained as they play and enjoy their childhood? 

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