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Great Indoor Play Ideas to Stimulate Young Children at Home

Most kids get the thrill and excitement of being outdoors where they can roam freely and move their bodies. However, with the limited capability of heading out these days.

That doesn't mean their childhood can be deprived of fun and entertainment even when they're just staying home a lot these days.

These are some ideas you can try to stimulate your kids while indoors!

Dress up and role play 

Entertainment fills the air when you let your kids play dress up and do role plays. Giving them costumes (think: chef, athlete, doctor, teacher, police, firefighter, flight attendant, etc.) and even real life props to accompany their chosen characters will give them the opportunity to get creative, express themselves, make sense of various situations in the world, build their communication skills, and gain more confidence. Step up the activity by creating a makeshift set, so it's almost like a stage play for them! Everyone is free to watch the show--or maybe even join the fun! 

Playing with stacking and buildable toys 

Playing with stacking toys is a great idea because it's something that not only the kids will enjoy--you can join in on the fun too! Stacking toys helps them improve their hand-eye coordination, sharpen their problem-solving skills, and practice color recognition as well as size sequencing. One of our favorites from this category is the Green Toys stacking cups which are uniquely shaped, colorful and fun. Bond with your child by building things together! Although you have to make sure that the child is leading the activity, not you. You have to let them make the decisions and just follow suit! 

Arts and crafts 

Another way to have them stay put for hours is to give them art supplies with which they can get creative for. Art is a great way to express one's self and kids are often inclined to using art as a way to communicate what words couldn't. Go beyond the basic paper and crayons for the materials. You can set up a permanent art space in their room and provide things like child-friendly paint and brushes, glitters, stickers, clippings, and other art materials you can think of. 

Playing with open-ended toys 

The greatest thing about open-ended toys is that it has so much possibilities for play and involves your child's whole body to get moving. For instance, toys like the Bilibo by Moluk aren't your average everyday toy--it's a unique figure that arouses curiosity, engages the imagination and trains basic motor skills and balance. Think of it this way: just how often do we encounter circumstances where a child is more excited about the gift box than the actual gift inside? Open-ended toys work like this. They have no rules. The child is in control of the play. 

What activities and games do your kids enjoy doing while indoors?

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