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I love the range of high quality, age-appropriate toys and the personalised, professional & friendly customer service from KIDDOS. I also appreciate how eco friendly, minimalist and cost-effective using their service is too. The toys certainly help keep our toddler, Ava, occupied in the Dubai summer heat & have come in especially handy during these challenging ‘stay at home’ times. As an ex early years teacher, with a Montessori inspired parenting style, I’ve been particularly impressed with the range of toys. Lots of well designed, high-quality wooden toys from brands such as Hape & Plan and brilliant open-ended toys like the Wobble board all in great condition. I also value the ability to request certain toys (depending on availability) or rule out toys that I don’t think would be well suited to Ava. Ava & I both really look forward to her toy delivery each month!

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