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Close-Ended Vs. Open-Ended Toys

Playtime is one of the most important aspects in a child’s life. It is a primary foundation in a child’s growth and development. Consistent and regular playtime has a lot of benefits in a child’s development. Through playing, a child learns new sets of physical skills, develops social and emotional capabilities, and discovers the world around them.  According to Dr. Tiff Jumaily, a pediatrician, playing is how children learn.

Play nurtures a child’s relationship with oneself and the people around them. Aside from the cognitive and physical benefits of playing, it builds the sense of empathy, creativity, and happiness to a child. Parents are encouraged to spend and engage playtime with their child. It is important to note that children also need to learn to play by themselves. This facilitates them to explore and make sense of what they see, hear, and feel around them. 

One of the best ways to initiate play with children is through toys. You may have heard about open-ended and closed-ended toys and what are their benefits when used to playing with children. There may be some misconceptions about these two types of toys - whether one is better than the other or that children prefer one over the other. 

Close-ended Toys

Close-ended toys have a specific way on how to use them and one purpose. Examples of close-ended toys are puzzles, object to picture matching toys, and tracing materials. Toys with a single purpose allow children to develop focus and concentration and have a mastery of a certain skill set. These types of toys also introduce the concept of challenge to children and have them explore their way to accomplishment.

Open-ended toys

Open-ended toys, unlike close-ended toys, have a range of uses and ways on how a child can enjoy playing with it. Examples of these toys are art supplies, educational materials, dolls, and objects from nature. A child can play freely and creatively with open-ended toys and their use of imagination. It also promotes engagement with their parents and peers or just having an independent play. Open-ended toys are beneficial for promoting communication and social skills of a child.

Whether your child enjoys playing with close-ended or open-ended toys, both types of toys can help them in different ways. Both types of toys can be wonderful and play a part in providing new knowledge and experience to a child.

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