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Best Activities for Children to Learn Through Play

In the eyes of a child, playing is fun and exciting. It's something that they naturally do and it's easy for us to take such an activity for granted. At its core, play is actually the most effective way for learning essential skills that children need as they grow up and start preparing for school. 

These are some of the best activities your child can do to have fun while learning.

Encourage your child to do more of these more often!  

Here are the best activities for Children to Learn Through Play

Dress up and role play 

Children get to learn a lot when they act out situations based on real life. When they do role playing activities, they get to apply their own observations and use them to express themselves in a creative way, while developing their communication skills along the way. Having them dress up into their favorite characters or as people they want to become when they grow up, they also develop their confidence and sense of identity. 

Get the senses involved 

Sensory activities have become very important in many pre-schools, and for good reason. With everyday materials like foam, dry noodles, uncooked pasta, water, sand, and other materials with unique textures, your child can explore their senses, having so much fun, all while learning. Using materials like these, have their fingers move through a surface, drawing imaginary letters, shapes, numbers, faces, and whatever figures that inspire them. You can also ask them about how they feel about touching such materials. 

Blocks, jigsaws, shape sorter activities 

Making activities that have to do with blocks, jigsaws, shape sorters be a part of their play routine is key to laying out the foundations for spatial thinking and logical reasoning. They get to familiarize themselves with shapes, sizes, colors, and math concepts that they need to understand once they start going to school. It may seem like they're just having fun stacking up blocks, or organizing colors, or filling out missing pieces of a puzzle, but all these seemingly simple activities are very effective in shaping their brain. 

Stretching, jumping, and other physical activities they can do right inside a space at home

Albeit current situations that prevent most kids all over the world from going outside and exploring all the great things that the world has to offer, you can still give your child the chance to move and use their energy right in the space they are in. Their gross motor skills get a mighty boost from simple activities that allow them to move and use their bodies. You can simply provide a certain space for them inside their rooms, install some mats, and together you can do simple physical activities like stretching or following action songs, or even doing simple kids' workout routines. 

What educational activities does your child currently enjoy doing? How are those activities effective in their learning journey? 

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