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Benefits of Toy Cars in Toddlers for Child Development

For decades, toy cars have become some of the most popular picks for kids. It's not unusual for kids to play with these types of toys in an unconventional way too--if you see the toys banging and flying, it may be weird but it can be a good thing too. Because this means that they are freely using their imagination and creativity. 
Let's take a closer look at how toy cars and other four-wheeled toys can benefit your child's development in their early years.

Imagination and creativity

As mentioned earlier, playing with cars can help a child get in touch with their imagination and creativity. These two aspects are important for developing good problem-solving skills which they can use to handle challenges as they grow older. When they have the ability to face what comes their way, they can minimize their frustrations and better handle their emotions. 

Development of fine motor skills 

Fine motors skills are some of the most important developments you should watch out for as your child grows up. As a child picks up, carries, pushes, and pulls a small toy car around, it may seem like simple actions but these can develop their hand-eye coordination and dexterity. 

Speech and language training 

Cars and other vehicles are a constant sighting in the real world. Encouraging a child to learn, for example, the parts of a certain vehicle is already a step towards expanding their vocabulary. Teach them words like wheels, seat belts, engines, window wipers, brakes, and you'll be surprised to hear them labeling such words inside an actual car when you're on a trip. Who knows, they could even be actual car enthusiasts when they grow older! 
Getting in touch with the senses 

Kids are able to learn better through their senses. Just like other real-life objects, toy cars are very engaging for their senses. The way they interact with toy cars--spinning the wheels, pushing and pulling the car, hearing the sounds made by the motions, touching the hard surface--can help kids get in touch better with their senses. 

Do your kids like playing with toy cars? How has playing impacted their development?

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