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Benefits of Learning Through Play

Kids are constantly growing and learning new things, and it's amazing how they are able to absorb such new skill sets in their young age, and at lightning speed. Do you know what makes learning so easy to them? It's because they have fun while doing it! Yes, their seemingly inconsequential routine of playing is the biggest contributor to the skills they have obtained thus far. Curious about this occurrence? Read on!

Play allows kids to explore 

Kids are naturally curious beings (well, aren't we all?), so anything that trickles their interest will gain them more understanding about how things work and exist the way they do. Exploration is crucial--they need to be free from constraints that keep them from seeing the world through their own eyes. When they're playing, they can make their own rules and discover about the world around them, and naturally learn some crucial things along the way. 

Play reduces their stress levels 

You'd be surprised by how an average kid has their stress levels increasing by the second. When their feelings are bottled up, they will grow in frustration, and not understanding their emotions can have significant effects when they become older. Play can become a healthy outlet for a child's anxiety and stress, giving them room to grow emotionally. 

Play improves communication skills 

Whether it's verbal or non-verbal, communication has a big role during play, which means engaging in play activities is truly significant for a child's social skills development. Play also involves social rules or norms of behavior, as well as social concepts (like sharing, waiting for your turn, empathy, teamwork, or compromise) that your child will need to get acquainted with, especially when they start getting exposed to the society more.  

In the case of your child, what other benefits of learning through play have you noticed? Have these benefits fully convinced you that play is truly significant in your child's learning journey? 

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