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Benefits of Educational Toys for Kids' Development

Playing with educational toys is the perfect way to develop a child's young mind and to prepare them for the world. As they make their way from blocks to puzzles, your child is building pre-academic and even just basic life skills in a fun way.

Let your child grow and develop essential abilities through educational toys!

Help in boost IQ

Educational toys are designed to increase a child's literacy, hand-eye coordination, memorization, motor skills, and identification skills--in a very fun way. Having these skills developed allows more likelihood for a child's IQ to also increase. While having fun, kids can have more time for more detailed learning and retention of practical skills.

Build up motor development

 A child’s motor development is the extent to which they gain control over their movements. This is important because research has shown that children who fall behind in their motor development also experience emotional and cognitive disadvantages. They also become insecure, making it more difficult to develop social contacts and may fall behind in terms of learning. Colors, lights, and sound which are typical features of an educational toy, can attract more attention to a child, making them work their way around how the toy works and allowing them to use their motor skills in the process of playing. 

Enhance creativity 

Creativity isn’t just about artwork. It can be expressed in a number of ways--and that includes toys. Providing toys that allow your child to get creative, encouraging imagination and learning by doing. 

Develop emotional and social traits 

Educational toys provide lessons in sharing and cooperation, which are essential for a child's emotional and social skills development. The fact that they're playing with you or one of their peers is already proof that their social interaction levels are increasing. You'll also see your child’s confidence growing when they are able to do something they couldn’t do before (For instance, solving puzzles or building new block forms). Educational toys also allow your child to experiment with roles and situations through pretend play.

Improve concentration

It's only normal for a child to have a short attention span. However, concentration is essential when they start attending school so you will want to slowly help them improve their concentration as early as now. You can do so without forcing them to sit in one corner for hours, much to their dismay. When they play with educational toys, your child can be able to focus on a task for a larger span of time. 
Which aspect of your child's growth development do you want to focus on? Have you heard of specific toys that can improve those certain aspects?

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