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10 Benefits of Playtime

Playtime will always be an important part of your kid's childhood. It's an activity that will allow them to explore, stay entertained, interact with others around them. And the best part? They're learning and developing essential life skills while having fun! Encourage their playtime. Make it an important part of their regular schedule.

Here's a quick list of benefits for your child's playtime! 

1. Play improves their behavior because they're able to release their stress and frustrations. Play can serve as their outlet when they're feeling constrained from their routine. 

2. Play develops a stronger and healthier body for them. The more that they move and exercise, the more that they'll develop their muscles and grow stronger. Staying active will also improve their mental health. 

3. Play is actually scientifically proven to improve brain functions. It's an activity that can trigger the secretion of BDNF, otherwise known as a brain-derived neurotrophic factor, which promotes brain growth and movement control. 

4. Play allows kids to develop their social skills because this activity encourages them to interact with people around them. Through these interactions, they will learn to adapt to situations and care for other people's feelings. 

5. Play enriches their imagination. Without rules and barriers, kids can thrive in a world of possibilities, think outside the usual standards. They can become more creative and resourceful through this. 

6. Play makes kids more productive--when they are consumed by activity, they are more likely to stay focused and inspired to work. It may seem ironic, looking like they're just playing, but they're actually doing a form of work. 

7. Play leads to better behavior because, through that kind of outlet, they can actually become more attentive when they need to be. For instance, if they start going to school, play breaks can allow them to concentrate better when it's time for class. 

8. Play teaches the basics of advanced subjects like physics. Just take a look at toys and tracks? Through how these things work, kids can become more familiar with the physical laws like weight and density, balance, momentum, friction, gravity, and more! 

9. Play allows kids to confront their fears. We all have our own fears, right? And kids are no exception. Play involves many challenges and new experiences of the unknown, and through these situations, they develop the courage to face their fears and deal with their hesitations.  

10. Play makes kids enjoy their childhood to the fullest. Their younger years are a time for them to just be themselves, worry-free, without the hampering of adulthood. Let them enjoy this time as much as they can through fun, unrestricted play. 

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