I have used kiddos since my son was 4 months old since kiddos started. I love that we get 4 new toys each month ( I don't have to go shopping and end up with a house full of toys) if my son did not enjoy a toy I let them know and the next day they would change it. each month they send me the list of toys to double-check I don't have any of the same toys already. I highly recommend kiddos the staff and service are amazing and I love it's helping the environment as well. we have just signed up for our second year with them. it is 100% value for money.


The best toys for kids of every age! Shopping for kids can be difficult, especially if you haven't a clue what any given age group is into these days (not to mention what's safe for them to play with). Younger children need toys that build on learning basics and strengthening motor skills, while older children need toys that are more challenging and stimulating. With KIDDOS you'll find the perfect balance, every months, with no risk of leaving old, unsuitable toys lying around because your children are growing up... As a father, it's a 5 stars for me, and you should consider seriously KIDDOS for your little one. As much for the quality of their toys as for the seriousness of their team πŸ™‚


When I came across this page in Instagram I knew I need to get this for my Boy and guess that was the best decision ever made by me as a new Mom. They send you toys as per the age of the baby keeping in mind all his motor, sensory developments. The toys are all eco friendly, save for the babies and super exciting too. I highly recommend KIDDOS Toys Club to all the Mama's out there.


Loved their fast response to my questions regarding the membership and we received our toys the very next day! Packed carefully with instructions on wear/tear/policies and all wrapped up in cute reusable packaging πŸ™‚


We LOVE LOVE KIDDOS. Great concept, super practical and most importantly sustainable. Our son is 7 months old and one thing that we don't worry about is buying him toys. KIDDOS team take care of every little detail. They are aware of the development milestones that babies should meet and they recommend toys accordingly. The toys are all selected based on the baby's age and preference (if advised by parents ) and/or as recommended by them. Hygiene and the toys' cleanliness and sanitization come as their top priority as it is the main concern of parents considering that toys move from a baby to another. Thank you kiddos for providing our son with this experience and us as parents and we can't wait for next month !! Xx


There are so many reasons I cannot stop telling everyone I know of KIDDOS!
1. ECO friendly. No more toys which become abandoned and get stuffed into the closet. No more useless purchases which you get to regret. And the materials are eco-friendly too!
2. Pocket friendly. I've been with KIDDOS for 6 months now and I literally stopped spending money on toys!
3. Service. Just amazing. Every concern gets addressed immediately and to the satisfaction. Dirk and Xinuo are always available and care about each customer.
4. Toys. High quality, best brands, always appealing to the imagination. I'm not a fan of plastic toys with buttons and many distracting features. And KIDDOS team to be following the same philosophy which is precious to me.
5. Fun for the parents as well as kids. Ok, I confess, I wait for each delivery more than anyone else πŸ˜ƒ


KIDDOS Toy Club has got the perfect toys for your kids which are age appropriate and highly good in quality. They have eco friendly and wooden toys which are properly sanitized before being delivered at your doorstep. Subscribe to their monthly packages and forget the need not worry about looking for new interactive toys for your kids. Best part is that you don’t have to stock any old toys which your children get bored of as they are replaced each month with the new toys. Highly recommend KIDDOS as they make my kid super excited and keeps her entertained each month!


KIDDOS is a fantastic, ethically minded enterprise and I cannot commend and recommend them enough! It is always a treat to sit with my little one discovering them together (I think often I am more excited than her!) The toys themselves are always in pristine condition, are from top retailers, and are impeccably clean. In fact, they look brand new! What I most love about KIDDOS is that as a mother they make my life super easy; The efficient delivery of age-appropriate toys, the information sheets saying which toys are included so that I can easily fish them out of the toy box at the end of the month and the quick and pleasant communication via Whatsapp, it means there is one less thing for me to 'sort out'. The team at kiddos are also very approachable and friendly. I appreciate how they go the extra mile. It is a very personal service they provide and it is a refreshing change from the impersonal and transactional services provided by the big retailers! I am happy to support a local business with a positive ethos and not have to feel guilty about all the toy waste we usually create! Thanks KIDDOS, and we look forward to the next lot of goodies! πŸ™‚


I love the idea of KIDDOS, I love the feeling that we are giving back and I teach my son that too through KIDDOS. But what I love most is their range of beautiful toys open-ended creative Montessori as well. Most of the toys that I would like to purchase, and the flexibility of staff where you can show an interest in a toy and request it to be added so you can see if your baby Like it or not then you decide if you want to keep it. The team at kiddos are so responsive and lovely. I love as well that as a member if you want to purchase a toy you have a good discount. The package and cleanness of kiddos are something that I am impressed with too. Delivery is pretty punctual as well. Thank you Kiddos for a great experience


They were so great with all the feedback we gave them! Our kids love their toys. Highly recommend!